Rickshaw tour in kimono


This service enables visitors to travel around the sightseeing spots of Otaru by rickshaw, wearing a traditional Japanese kimono.

Enjoy wearing a kimono and experiencing Japanese culture at first hand, by means of activities such as glass making, weaving and eating sushi.


1. Arrive at our store

The shop is a 5 min walk from Otaru Station.

2. Change into the Kimono

After arriving you can choose from our selection of beautiful kimono.
It takes about 20 min per person to dress in a kimono.
We keep your clothes until you come back to our shop from the tour, but please keep the valuable to yourself.

3. Get on the rickshaw

You can start your day off with a sightseeing rickshaw trip in our lovely kimono.
Enjoy your rickshaw ride by stopping to see the sights around this scenic city.

4. Get off the rickshaw and stroll the town

After your rickshaw ride you can feel free to walk around the town and live through the Japanese experience.
Let’s take photos in the historic and romantic town.
You can choose among the following courses.


Experience Japanese traditional culture (optional plans)
In Otaru you can visit blown glass shops, enjoy Japanese cuisine, even weave your own threads at traditional local shops.

In Otaru, there are many shops where you can have various kinds of experience, but there are cases in which reservation is required or you can’t experience in time depending on the situation. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Optional plans

5. Visit sightseeing spots while riding a rickshaw

When you board the Rickshaw again, there are even more sightseeing opportunities.
Many Rickshaw pullers can tell you fascinating stories about the rich past of Otaru.
You can truly feel the history of the city.

6. Take photos at sightseeing spots

Take lots of photos at Otaru’s famous locations so you can cherish the memories in your heart forever.

7. Change back into your clothes at our shop

After your enjoying your day’s journey, you will come back to get changed.

8. Paying

Please pay by cash.

9. Finish

We hope you will have enjoyed your trip to Otaru and we look forward to your future business!

Rickshaw tour in kimono

*This plan is 15,000 yen, but we offer this plan for 10,000 yen to commemorate our website opening (the first 10 arrivals only). the campaign is finished.

*The consumption tax is not included in the price.

a set of kimono, dressing fee and rickshaw fare
*Time required is more than 4 hours (richshaw riding 45 min, strolling 180 min, dressing & changing 30 min ).

a folding fan (500 yen) , a Japanese umbrella (500 yen),
setting hair with hair ornaments (20min) (2,000 yen)
photo taking fee by a professional photographer and image data of 50 photos (20,000 yen),  100 photos (25,000 yen) (We burn the image data to a DVD and mail it to your home address.)

*This plan is available between April and October. (This plan is not available during the winter season.)(We are currently considering whether to offer this plan or not during the winter season.)
*Please make a reservation at least 10 days in advance. Otherwise, please contact us.
*Please pay by cash on the day of the tour.(Please pay in Japanese yen.)

*We would like you to arrive at my store at least 90 min before reservation time.
*We need to be on time!
*Please note that if you don’t come on time, we can’t meet your request.
*The consumption tax is not included in the price.

Upon cancellation because of the customers’ personal preferences,the customer will be charged a certain percentage of the total price as listed below.

Cancellations made
-between 7 and 3 days from reserved photography date : 30%
-between 3 days and 5 p.m. on the previous date from reserved photography date :50%
-between 5 p.m. on the previous date and reserved photography time :100%

In the case of cancellation, please contact us by e-mail.

We’ll e-mail you the bank account for cancellation fee transfer.

When photography in the outdoors becomes difficult due to poor weather, we might change the photographing location.
We kindly ask for your understanding.

If you wish to change your reservation, please contact us one week in advance for Rickshaw tour in kimono and two weeks in advance for Location photo bridal.
Cancellation after the above-mentioned period of time will incur cancellation fee.


Rickshaw tour at Otaru in a Traditional Kimono

The Rickshaw will come to the front of our shop to pick you up!!
The kimono and rickshaw are a fantastic combination!
You might attract the attention of the whole town!?

Many elements of traditional Japanese atmosphere remain in Otaru, making it a perfect place for sightseeing.
Don’t miss this chance to walk around and take pictures while wearing a kimono.

At “Beauty Shop & Kimono Rental Twinkle” your kimono will be fitted by a professional kimono fitter. It will not feel tight while you’re walking but also will not lose its form.
Even your Japanese zori sandals will be made for comfortable walking, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your day.

This course is a rickshaw will come to the front of our shop to pick you up!
The rickshaw will take you to “Sakai Machi Dori St.”, Otaru’s top sightseeing spot where many old buildings still stand.

Please dismount the rickshaw at “Sakai Machi Dori St.” and enjoy a stroll.
Otaru features many great photo-taking spots including brick storehouses lining canals, a small glass-blowing shop, and a shop which sells handmade music boxes!
With many old buildings lining the street, “Sakai Machi Dor St.” is a standout among Otaru’s many wonderful spots!!
Even now, many of these buildings contain cafes and souvenir shops. Simply walking through the area will be very enjoyable.

After enjoying your stroll, please board the rickshaw for the second time at “Asakusa Bridge”.
From here you will view sightseeing spots along the canal and return to the “Beauty Shop & Kimono Rental Twinkle”

For those who would like to experience a greater transformation, please select the hair-setting option.
Don’t miss this chance to wear a kimono and make wonderful memories in Otaru!

Recommended Points
  • Kimono rentals are included so you can participate at ease!
  • It’s fine to come empty-handed! There are no items you need to bring.
  • The kimono and rickshaw are a fantastic combination. You might attract the attention of the whole town!
  • Otaru has many splendid photo-taking spots. If you take pictures while wearing a kimono, there is no doubt you’ll get everyone’s attention!?
  • We’ll take a commemorative picture with a Polaroid camera and give you the picture.
  • Optional setting of your hair by a professional is also possible. Those who want to get deeper into the mood of kimono-wearing are welcome to try.
  • You will be given a map of “Sakai Machi Dori St.”.
  • Take photos at your favorite locations while walking through Otaru City; a perfect souvenir!


Available time period 1 April 2017 – 31 October 2017
* Closed Tuesdays and every third Wednesday

* Reservation Deadline: 3 days prior

Participation fee Kimono fitting and dressing , Rickshaw sightseeing, Japanese accessories (sandals, bags) rental set!
18,900 yen per person

Upgrade kimono: 5,400 yen
Hair set 1: 1,620 yen
Hair set 2: 2,700 yen
Japanese Hairstyle: 3,780 yen
*Those who choose the hair-setting option will have hair ornaments installed for free (rental).

Photography by a professional cameraman is also possible.
50 shots: 21,600 yen , 100 shots: 27,000 yen
Photo-taking locations include spots such as Sakai Machi Dori St., the area around the canal, and Otaru Food Village. If you are interested please let us know.

Meeting location Beauty Shop & Kimono Rental Twinkle (1-9-8 Inaho, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-0032 JAPAN)
Pick Up Service Pick up service unavailable (meet at the salon directly)
Required time About 4 hours 15 minutes

– 8:00am-10:00am Meet on-site at Otaru “Twinkle”
– Get dressed. (It will take about 20 minutes per person.)
– Get on the rickshaw.(15 minutes)
– Get off the rickshaw and stroll the town.(3 hours)
Otaru has all the quintessential features of a historic town:
brick warehouses along the beautiful canals, small blown glass shops, and even stores that sell hand-crafted music boxes.
– Visit sightseeing spots while riding a rickshaw(30 minutes)
– Come back to the “Twinkle” , Get changed into your own clothes.
– Tour ends

– Please let us know your preferred time.
* Besides the above times, we can accommodate to suit your schedule.
* If you would like to extend the time, you will be charged an additional fee.(1,080 yen / 30 minutes)
– Dressing time will vary depending on the number of people.
– The above course times is just a rough estimate.

Requirements for participation Maximum: 5 participants
* If you would like to book for 6 people or more, please call us for details.
* The size of the Kimono is limited. (Approximately the height of 140 cm to 190 cm.)
Otherwise, the kimono will not fit.
* The rickshaws are designed to seat two people each. In the case of three or more people, multiple rickshaws will be used.
* If children would like to participate,
they may do so with their parents or guardian.
Things to bring / Required items It’s fine to come empty-handed! There are no items you need to bring.
Important notices *Special Request*
We need to know the gender, height, weight, and shoe size of each participant.
Please let us know by writing it down in the comments/questions section.
Cancellation Cancellations made by customers will be subject to the following penalty fees:
* 2-3 day before the tour: 20% of the tour fee
* 1 day before the tour: 40% of the tour fee
* On the day of the tour: 50% of the tour fee
* No show on the day: 100% of the tour fee
Included in this fee – Kimono Fitting, Dressing
– Rickshaw sightseeing (15 minutes to go and 30 minutes to go back)
– Japanese accessories (sandals, bags) rental
– Sales tax, insurance
Not included in fees Personal expenses
Payment method – Advance Payment by online credit card.
– Advance Payment by overseas bank transfer.
(Japanese yen only. Please pay the additional bank transfer fee.)
* Note: Payment is due 3 days before the tour date.

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